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The Mayor of North Jakarta Reviewed Sunter Kirana Market
“Friday, July 24th 2020 The Mayor of North Jakarta, Mr. Sigit Wijatmoko A.P., M.Si reviewed the implementation of the obligation to use environmentally friendly shopping bags at Sunter Kirana Market. That was in order of implementing Governor Regulation No. 142 of 2019 regarding The Obligations to Use Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags at Shopping Centers, Supermarkets and Traditional/Modern Markets “.

Nusa Kirana Group developed Sunter Kirana Market as a modern market and its located in Sunter Jaya Village, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta. Until year of 2020, the customers still trusted Sunter Kirana Market to fill their daily basic needs. Both the needs of vegetables, grocery stores, and fresh meat.

Considering the high interest of customers at Kirana Sunter Market, the consumptions of plastic bags were getting higher by buyers. Then it becomes pile of plastic waste, because basically plastic do not decompose in soil.  The Government of DKI Jakarta Province has intensively carried out the socialization of “to use of environmentally friendly shopping bags” for six months. Thus, per July 1st, 2020 they released officially that governor’s regulation. The government will take sanctions for violations of the people who have proven to use the prohibited plastic bags.

Last week, The Mayor of North Jakarta, Mr. Sigit Wijatmoko A.P., M.Si, visited Sunter Kirana Market in order to review the implementation of the governor’s regulation. Mr. H. Ahmad Mursidi as The Commissioner of Nusa Kirana Group welcomed The Mayor of North Jakarta in arrival moment. During his visit, The Mayor of North Jakarta also took video tapping of the campaign “Let’s Use Green Shopping Bags”.

The implementation of this regulation has a big impact for publics, because they will care about environment. In addition, their perspective for using plastic were expected to decrease, as far as the enforcement of environmentally friendly bags.

Moreover, The Mayor of North Jakarta also conveyed “3M’s message” on shopping activities in the Covid-19 pandemic. The 3M’s message stands for Wearing a mask; Washing your hands; Keep the distance. Please to obey the health protocol wherever you are to prevent transmission of the Covid-19 virus.


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