The Accomplishment of PT Nusa Kirana Real Estate in BAZNAS Award 2020

For the third year in a row, PT. Nusa Kirana Real Estate won the Best Company in Zakat Charity at the BAZNAS Award 2020. This announcement was made during the award event being held virtually on Baznas TV on the 14th December 2020.

BAZNAS Award is held every year to show appreciation to all stakeholders from the private sector, government, agencies, and individuals in supporting various programs to increase the zakat movement. This is aligned with BAZNAS vision to realize the national zakat revival and establish a platform to improve zakat management.

Cited from baznas.go.id, Prof. Dr. Bambang Sudibyo, the Chairman of BAZNAS RI revealed that this event aims to encourage optimal and professional management of zakat, also stimulate creativity and innovation to revive national zakat.

Nusa Kirana Real Estate has always been a big supporter of the zakat movement ever since it was established as a real estate and property developer on 22nd April 1978. Currently, there are two main subsidiary companies, namely PT. Kirana Muda Properti and PT. Griya Kirana Properti. Both belong to the Nusa Kirana Group.

“Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful to Allah SWT for entrusting us this award. We believe zakat that we donate will be a blessing for those in need.” according to Mrs. Wyda Midawati as the PR & Corporate Communication Manager Nusa Kirana Group.

Due to Allah’s grace, PT. Nusa Kirana Real Estate was able to deliver the responsibility and commitment in fulfilling its obligation to pay zakat last year, hence obtaining this award again this year.

“2020 was a really difficult year for us, because in the mids of the pandemic. But gratefully, we could still consistently handing over zakat to mustahiq through BAZNAS. We hope that our achievement can provide good deeds for the company and all employees. Amiin Ya Rabbal Alamin.” Concluded Mr. Johan Darmawan, Deputy Director of Operations Nusa Kirana Group, shortly after receiving the certificate from BAZNAS at Graha Kirana Building, North Jakarta on 17th December 2020.


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