In Collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa, Nusa Kirana Group Donated 100 Grocery Packages
In Mei, Nusa Kirana Group expressed solidarity to those affected by the current COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, especially around the red-zone area in Jakarta. With a collaboration with Dompet Dhuafa, Nusa Kirana Group donated 100 grocery packages to families affected by the pandemic.

The program was part of the company’s social responsibility and effort to support the government in handling the economic impact of the COVID-19. Nusa Kirana Group realized there are many vulnerable families living around the red-zone area in Jakarta. Therefore, through Nusa Kirana Real Estate Berbagi (NKRE Berbagi), it has given some donation with the hope that the aid would relieve their hardship.

In this NKRE Berbagi program, Nusa Kirana Group invited Dompet Dhuafa to collaborate. “Essentially, Nusa Kirana Group is a philanthropic company that relishes helping orphans and vulnerable groups. Therefore, we invited Dompet Dhuafa who has a similar mission and initiated a small collaboration with a big impact. We are grateful for our capability to donate 100 grocery packages to Dompet Dhuafa on Friday, 15th of May 2020,” expressed Wyda Midawati, PR & Corporate Communication Manager of Nusa Kirana Group.

Wyda Midawati added that each package contained basic necessities such as rice, eggs, sugar, and cooking oil. In quantity, each package didn’t contain much, but Wyda hoped that the good intention to help others is the more important standpoint.

Agung Chilmy Firdana, Expert of International Partnership Programs of Dompet Dhuafa also said, “Dompet Dhuafa thanks Nusa Kirana Group for the collaboration in providing supports to the ones who have been hit the hardest by the COVID-19 pandemic during Ramadhan. Next, we will deliver the aids to the institution for the visually-impaired, online drivers, and informal workers in Jakarta. In the future, we hope this collaboration will be a nice step toward giving supports to the surrounding community.”

According to Agung, the donation which was given by Nusa Kirana Group was helpful, considering the current circumstances. He admitted that grocery is one of the most important necessities to sustain the life of the most vulnerable.

The program didn’t end after the distribution of the grocery packages was completed. Nusa Kirana Group will continue giving and helping others through other programs of NKRE Berbagi. This program is a testament to the company’s commitment to helping others who need the most.



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