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Memory on The Cornerstone-laying Ceremony of Gading Kirana

Fourthy two years ago on 22nd of April 1978, PT Nusa Kirana (Nusa Kirana Ltd.) began its journey as an experienced property development company. H. Zaelani Zein and H. Syamhudi was founded that company. Starting on that time, the company became as the pioneer of the development of the first satellite city in Jakarta. The project is called Kelapa Gading Permai residential area, an integrated-housing-estate of 250 hectares.

Nusa Kirana continues its proud history with developing various innovative projects in North Jakarta area. One of the prestigious housing developments is the development of Gading Kirana residential area in 1992. During this project, PT Nusa Kirana showed the presence and its commitment to excellence and high-quality product.

The project began with an official cornerstone-laying ceremony of Gading Kirana as a form of gratitude for the company’s accomplishment. The local VIPs such as the company’s colleagues, potential customers, and the board of directors were attended the ceremony.

H. Zaelani Zein as one of the founders of PT Nusa Kirana laid the cornerstone, shoveled some soil, and sowed some flowers on the designated area. Certainly, it marks the beginning of the project with the hope for the profits and success to every parties involved.

All in all, the cornerstone-laying ceremony of Gading Kirana was also a chance to promote the products of Nusa Kirana to the potential customers who attended. In addition, their recognition of Nusa Kirana is one of the key aspects to achieve the correct marketing strategy approach.

Subsequently, almost four decades, Gading Kirana residential estate with the area of 40 hectares continues to represent the time-tested expertise of Nusa Kirana among other prestigious residential areas in Jakarta.



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