Donor Darah Januari 2020

Blood donation is a routine social activity every 3 months at Graha Kirana Building 2nd floor which aims to help between people who are in need of blood transfusions. However, when examined in terms of health it turns out donating blood is not only beneficial for those who need it. We as donors also benefit greatly from our own health when we donate blood regularly.

Here are 8 benefits of blood donors for health when regularly donating blood to the Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI), as quoted by Boldsky.com :

  1. Reducing heart disease

One of the health benefits of regular blood donation is to keep your heart healthy. By making a blood donors, your blood circulation will automatically become better, the heart will be trained to continue pumping blood so that it can increase iron in the blood and make the body healthier and reduce your heart disease.

  1. Burn calories

Donating blood regularly will help you burn calories in the body, don’t you believe it? Just imagine, when you donate 450 ml of blood, you lose about 650 calories.

  1. Reducing the risk of Cancer

Besides helping to burn calories, donating blood can reduce the risk of cancer. Including liver, lung, colon, stomach, and throat cancer.

  1. Increase blood production

The benefits of donating blood regularly can help stimulate the production of new blood cells. This blood donation process will help the body stay healthy and work more efficiently.

  1. Mind is more stable

Did you know that donating blood regularly can help you keep your mind stable? Here are the facts. Donating blood can make you feel happier and more peaceful. Happy because it can help others and peace with their own bodies can also improve psychological health.

  1. Part of health check

Donating blood can also be used as a self health check-up test. When your blood is in a blood bag and examined in a laboratory, the medical team will see whether you have a disease particular or not. Because if you are negative from all kinds of diseases, then the blood you have can be donated to those in need. Then you will know what is really happening.

  1. Become a healthy elderly person

Many parents who have good enough health and excellent at this advanced age. This is because they always donate their blood from young.

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